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In 1997, as returning university student, Cork Graham was in one of the first online journalism classes in the country. Back then, the technology wasn't up to snuff for what types of communications envisioned of what would become the new "online journalism". That has all changed.

Cork produces two major, advertising-driven, multimedia online publications. Click on the screenshots below to visit them:

Cork's Outdoors was a pet project started as Cork realized the thinning and shrinking of traditional print outdoor magazines. He covers wildlife conservation, wildlife management, hunting, fishing, travel, and cooking. The information is delivered via text, and online radio and TV.

Cork's Outdoors

Global Counter Terror (GCT) Magazine brings Cork's knowledge of counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency to the military and law enforcement audience. He also frequently interviews contemporary authorities on a variety of subjects. The information is delivered via text, and online radio and online TV.


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