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John Corbett Series

In this first of the John Corbett Series, the world of espionage, assassination and political intrigue was a world John Corbett thought gladly left in the past: When the President of the United States began a witch-hunt solely to garner public favor by bringing up the idea of charging those working for the agency as war criminals, John said, “Enough!” Employed for the past year as an international business negotiator and behavioral specialist, in order to afford his love for fine food and restoring priceless antiques, he receives a letter from his friend and former director he’d not talked with since his resignation... Read more


In Cork Graham’s 2004 #1 NYT best-selling coming-of-age adventure memoir set against the background of US/Vietnam political intrigue of the 1980s, eighteen-year-old Cork Graham travels to Southeast Asia to try his hand at combat photojournalism. It doesn’t matter that he has no university degree, or training in photojournalism, other than the manuals that came with his cameras. He’s after adventure and adventure he will find.... Read more

In 1989, Cork Graham came back from four years of fighting in the last proxy battle of the Cold War. The psychological effects were crippling. Recalling how healing solitary confinement had been for him while in prison in during his teens in Vietnam, the story described in The Bamboo Chest, Cork rekindled a dream that had haunted him throughout his time in war.

Packing a VW van with hunting rifles, shotguns and fishing rods, those pieces of equipment he knew required to live off the land in the wilds of Alaska, Cork headed north....Read more