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John Corbett Series

Publisher: Rigel Media
Pub. Date: July 4, 2013
ISBN-10:  0970358024

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International best-selling adventure memoirist and former CIA paramilitary officer Cork Graham ventures into spy thrillers by introducing John Corbett, team leader of an elite CIA Special Activities Division, a protagonist [noted by Kansas Star as the most interesting character to come along in a thriller since Bond and Bauer.]

In this first of the John Corbett Series, the world of espionage, assassination and political intrigue was a world John thought gladly left in the past. When the President of the United States began a witch-hunt solely to garner public favor by bringing up those working for the agency, he said, “Enough!” Employed for the past year as an international business negotiator and behavioral specialist, in order to afford his love for fine food and restoring priceless antiques, he receives a letter from his friend and former director he’d not talked with since his resignation.

John learns his wife has been murdered. By whom, or for what reason, is not clear. What is apparent is that John can’t stand by and let nothing happen. In a déjà vu as to why he went from a normal case officer to paramilitary operations officer for the CIA in the late 1980s, John is asked to restart his group, the most efficient hunter-killer teams of the CIA’s Special Activities Division. Even the POTUS, who previously sought his resignation and prosecution, now wants him taking lead on this mission.

What at first appears to be an event centralized to North and South Korea quickly reveals itself to be only a small part of a major international three-prong attack on the United States, that could topple the Free World’s economy and flip Europe and Asia upside down, putting Iran and North Korea at the top of the food chain. Once again John is on the track of Arya Ahrimman, intimidating to his Islamist fanatic handlers in Tehran, who even consider him a zealot. He’s an Iranian madman who has rightly earned his nom de guerre, Angel of Death.

With so little time before the attack, John must find out not only from where the attacks are coming, but also which are the decoys, and which is the prime target.

Filled with rich prose and breathtaking turns of plot, The Panmunjom Protocol is at once superior entertainment and a searing cautionary telling of the threats to the modern world’s infrastructure.